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Scott Tong has reported from more than a dozen countries as correspondent for Marketplace, from refugee camps in east Africa to shoe factories in eastern China. He’s toured the oil sands of Canada and snuck into Burma. Currently he serves as correspondent for Marketplace’s Sustainability Desk, where his coverage includes energy, the environment, natural resources and the global economy.

In 2006, Scott opened Marketplace’s first permanent bureau in China, and served as Shanghai bureau chief. Upon returning to the United States, he began work on his first book: A Village with My Name: A Family History of China’s Opening to the World (University of Chicago Press, 2017). It takes a long view of China’s economic opening, told through the lives of five people across five generations in his own family. 

His reporting includes special coverage of the 2016-2017 globalization backlash; Water: The High Price of Cheap; Venezuela’s economic collapse; the triumph of the shareholder value model in the U.S. and the Price of Profits; the challenge of long-term job creation in the United States; the 2011 Japan tsunami and recovery; the 2011 famine in the Horn of Africa; and the economics of one child in China. In 2013-14, Scott was awarded the Knight-Wallace journalism fellowship at the University of Michigan.

Scott joined Marketplace in 2004, after working as a producer and off-air reporter for the PBS NewsHour, where he produced a series of mini-documentaries from Iraq following the U.S. invasion in 2003. He’s appeared on the PBS NewsHour, the Aspen Ideas Festival and TedxFoggybottom.

A graduate of Georgetown University, Scott is a native of Poughkeepsie, N.Y and now lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife Cathy and three children. He’s a soccer dad and often bikes to work at a deliberate pace.

Marketplace video: on elephants and globalization, for the series Trade-Off, on Marketplace, 2017.  

Marketplace video: on elephants and globalization, for the series Trade-Off on Marketplace public radio, 2017

TedxFoggyBottom 2017, adapted from the Marketplace series Price of Profits: From printing money to creating community country clubs, corporations have historically provided many services to local societies and workers. But today, corporations often serve shareholders above all. In this talk, Marketplace correspondent Scott Tong chronicles the changing relationship between corporations and society.